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Identify the ROOT of DRAMA in Your Life - even if it's YOU.​​​​​​​

Tools on how to handle the Drama whenever it comes - practice make perfect.

     It's easy to get caught up in what social media, news and those around you say about it, but what's most important is what the Holy Bible says about it and how to live DRAMA Free.  The Drama FREE Blueprint:  Keys to Coming Straight Outta Drama" helps you live a life without having to participate in DRAMA by living a life of FORGIVENESS.  Yeah, it's a REAL thing and it's POWERFUL.

Live a successful peaceful life - operating in fulfillment and purpose.

Escape the DRAMA for good - even if THEY don't say sorry.

     I was born into DRAMA.  Seriously.  I was called a DRAMA Queen constantly.  I was a serial Drama magnet.  Real Talk.  But when I made a decision to change my RESPONSE to the DRAMA, my life was transformed and that became the foundation for a lifestyle of living Free of DRAMA.
     In 2013, I was sitting in a place of brokenness because I had forgotten.  I had forgotten the power tool God revealed to me to operate in FREEDOM: FORGIVENESS.  I was harboring hidden hurts and they were fueling fear and not my faith.  They were silently stealing my power to overcome because I was suffering in SILENCE. Fired from a Job? Marriage on the Rocks? Mishandled in Church? Sibling Rivalry? Domestic Violence? Depression? Financial Distress? These are some of the situations that are rooted in DRAMA, and that's why I wrote The Drama-Free Blueprint:  Keys to Coming Straight Outta Drama. To help others out of the places of silent suffering that I  
know are REAL.  If you truly want to begin the journey to peace and prosperity, you need this foundation.  With love and honesty, these words are written for those who want to embrace change in their personal, professional and family relationships.  Healing and reconciliation is very possible, achievable and attainable.  

     In The Drama-Free Blueprint:  Keys to Coming Straight Outta Drama.  The Drama-Free Architect, L. Chanel, teaches you to how to forgive, forget and flourish using the Biblical principle of FORGIVENESS:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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LaTicia “L. Chanel” Thompson is available to speak for your next event.  LaTicia speaks on several topics:

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         Off with the Mask - Keys to Living your Purpose on Purpose without Drama​​​​​​​

 Off With the Mask - Keys to Surviving Domestic Violence and Conquering Your Life​​​​​​​

        Professionally Drama FREE

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